Hello everyone!

Let’s talk about movement. Note that I specifically didn’t say exercise – getting yourself active doesn’t necessarily require a “workout”. The minimum recommendation is 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week, which is about 20 minutes a day of getting your heart beating a little faster than its normal resting rate.

For some, this sounds like a lot. For others, this sounds like too little. It just depends where you are on your fitness journey. Regardless of where you stand, balance is the key to overall health and optimisation.

So the thought to ponder for today is: “Where can I add a quick 20 minute walk or stretch into my day?”

Or is the question “Where can I add in some rest for my body today? Is a foam rolling session possibly better than a 5km run today?”.

The most important question is “what is my body telling me?”. Overexertion causes imbalance just as much as underexertion – and the body has ways to tell us what it needs. Best we listen!

Have fun whether you choose to get up or rest up today. Xx

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