Hi everyone!

Have you got that “Friday feeling” yet? It is amazing how our mindset can change on a Friday – no matter if it’s a tough day, “at least it’s Friday”!
However, this Friday feeling can kind of creep into our healthy mindset and we become quite relaxed about what we eat on the weekend (“because it’s the weekend” right?). We eat a little too much and drink too little water, which will leave us feeling very out of balance by the time Monday rolls around.

Balance, routine and consistency is key to staying healthy and well, and because of this, it’s super important to try maintain 80% of your regular routine over weekends. Stick to drinking your usual amount of water, make healthier choices wherever it is possible to and don’t use the weekend as an excuse to overindulge. Remember, we eat what we eat in order to feel energetic and well.

Another thing to think about is how we can add some fun and sociable fitness into our weekends. Instead of going to the bar on Friday evening and compromising your Saturday morning, why not organise to go for a run with a friend and then grab a coffee afterwards? Or join a yoga class in the area and meet some new people? Embracing the fitness lifestyle can lead to new relationships and connections – and ones that are build on a healthy foundation!

Wellness is often about compromise, and choosing an option that will be more beneficial to longevity and vitality may be tough. We are all on different journeys and we have to consider long-term visions and goals, and decide to take the path that will lead us to them. The good news: it becomes easier to choose the healthy route the more you do it. Wire those neurons to know we choose wellness over and over, and once you are feeling the benefits there will be no turning back!

Have a great weekend and be well! Xx

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