Hi everyone!

Yesterday I attended a Qigong training course and was delighted to learn this form of mindfulness training. I loved the aspect of standing meditation, as well as the slow, steady, strengthening movements. Qigong is also incredibly spiritual, similar to yoga, and many of the movements involve acknowledging nature and the larger, all-encompassing Being that guides us (whatever that may mean to the individual involved). Very interesting and captivating!

The most powerful aspect of this course for me was the emphasis on the solstice that occurred on the 21st of June. The solstice in the southern hemisphere (Winter) symbolises that we now will experience more light, in small increments, every day for the next six months.

Let’s really think about that.

This means a few seconds – a few moments – more of sunshine in your day. Light is so empowering and it is so much easier to get up and get going when you open the curtains to sunshine!

Light, for me personally, also means hope. For me to know that every day for the next six months there will be more light gradually each day – a little bit more hope and warmth in each day!

So let’s ponder today:

What are you going to do with your moments of sunshine?

What is coming in the next six months that you can look at and say “each day there is going to be a little bit more light”?

What has occurred in the last six months as it has gradually become darker and darker (that you can now be grateful for the experience of) but is now over?

We are all on our own journey of growth and change. It is so powerful to reflect on the past 6 months and visualise what will occur in the next 6. It is powerful to acknowledge nature and what is occurring around us in the larger universe.

I hope you can crush all of your goals this week, and I hope you can all experience a little bit more light.

Lots of love and sunshine Xx

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