Hi Everyone!

This has to be one of my all-time favourite quotes. I discovered it last year when I did a mindfulness course with Intention Inspired (https://intentioninspired.com)and it spoke to me deeply.

The essence of this quote is that when your intentions are pure – when you set out what you want to achieve with a heart that genuinely wants these things for good reason – going through with the actions to realise them is effortless. If you set unrealistic goals with half of your heart, you simply will not achieve them. They will not align with what you genuinely want for yourself and you will find the steps are just too hard. However, if you want something and you know why you want it – your intention to achieve it is pure – you will find it a lot easier to follow the path to success.

Let’s say, for example, you see a picture of a model on the front of a magazine and you think “Hmm, I’d like my body to look like that. Starting tomorrow I will not eat sugar.”. This intention is not pure. Your reasons for achieving such a goal are not clearly defined which is a key factor in maintaining your resolve when your willpower is low. However, setting a goal such as “I will cut out sugar because it makes me feel weak and unwell” shows that your intention is well-defined and has strong meaning to you. While this goal is not “effortless” per say, it will be a lot easier to avoid sugar knowing that it is with the intent to feel strong and well, rather than to look like someone on the front of a magazine.

Setting goals with pure intentions depends heavily on what your values are. Defining your values is a task that requires a deep dive, and we’ll chat more about that topic next week on Intentional Tuesday!

Have a great day. Lots of light and love xx

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  1. You are so right ! … no good just wanting to “change my look” or how I feel without putting specifics into place. Taking the first step to feeling better ….. less alcohol or more sleep …..needs to be a decision followed by action ! Got it !

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