Hi everyone!

We all know the amazing benefits of veggies in our diet, but it can sometimes be hard to get the amount that we need every day. These are some of my favourite ways of adding in veg to my day:

1. Veggie dippers – I love having strips of carrots or bell peppers with hummus or guacamole (I just mash up avo. I don’t know how else to make guacamole…).

2. Smoothies – this is a great way to get a lot of veggies in. I love a simple spinach, almond milk, whey protein and chia seed smoothie in the morning. Remember to blend the spinach first (baby spinach is best) with the almond milk to make sure it’s nice and fine.

3. Veggie soup – Minestrone, butternut, tomato – Yum!

4. Salads – this leaves you with tons of opportunity to add veg into the day. This picture is great to get some ideas on awesome salads.

5. Omelette or scrambled eggs – I usually add a bunch of spinach, bell peppers or zucchini to my eggs.

6. Cabbage wraps – throw some chicken or hake inside a cabbage leaf and wrap it up. I also add a teaspoon or two of sweet chilli sauce to this meal as well.

7. Zucchini noodles – my spiraliser is not the best in the world but it’s sometimes a fun way to add more veg in. I use these noodles with mince that I also add spinach and tomatoes to.

I swear I do not just live on spinach, although this article seems to indicate that (haha!).

So have fun – experiment with what you do and don’t like. I’m not a fan of cauli-rice but that is also a great way to substitute some more vegetables in. Whatever you do, find what works for YOU, because if you do not enjoy it then it is just simply not sustainable in the long run.

Lots of light and love xx

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