Hi everybody!

One of my favourite writers and productivity coaches is Craig Ballantyne, owner of and writer for the Early to Rise website (https://www.earlytorise.com/). He speaks a lot about creating a morning routine to maximise productivity and to set your intentions for the day.

Craig write about how your morning is your magic time, and by rising early and tackling your day you will:

  • Get ahead of everyone else who is still snoozing
  • Take action on what your number 1 priority is
  • Start the day feeling empowered and victorious – leaving you confident to tackle everything else in the day.

In the morning there are fewer distractions, fewer temptations and you will have greater clarity and energy. There are two types of people: Those are reactive and have to FIND time for the tasks they need to do, and those who are proactive and MAKE time to succeed in what they do.

By waking up just 15 minutes earlier than your usual time you will have time to prepare your body and mind for the day.

So what should you be doing when you wake up earlier? Well, this will entirely depend on you and your lifestyle; however, I have looked into a few very successful people and there tends to be common threads in their morning routines:

  • They drink water first thing in the morning – after 7 or 8 hours of sleep, your body is dehydrated and water will get the digestion system ready for the day.
  • They learn – this time in the morning is great for listening to podcasts or reading a few pages of a book.
  • They stretch or exercise – this will get the metabolism fired up and reinforce your wakefulness in terms of your circadian rhythm.
  • They write in a gratitude journal – what a great way to begin a day in a grateful attitude.
  • They meditate – meditation has incredible benefits for mindfulness and focus.

The first step is to define what your number 1 priority is, and to define the steps that will lead you to your goal. This will help you to decide what you need to do first thing in the morning.

I recently experienced an injury that affected my training, and my number 1 priority at the moment is to fix my body. I wake up, drink water, and then stretch and foam roll for my body. I then meditate to get my mind into a space of focus and gratitude. I then tackle some exercise like yoga or my weight training!

Good luck setting up your morning routine. Check out the links below for more inspiration.

Lots of light and love xx

Craig Ballantyne’s book “The Perfect Day Formula”  (https://www.amazon.com/Perfect-Day-Formula-Control-Your/dp/1619613557)

The Model Health Show podcast – https://themodelhealthshow.com/morning-routines

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