Hi Everybody!

Mindfulness is a strange topic to talk about every Monday. It would seem that perhaps some inspiration or goal setting advice would be more relevant right? However, I feel that it is the most important day to remember mindfulness. Monday is the start– the day that sets the tone for the rest of the week. If we can find mindfulness and a space to remain grateful and present on a day as manic as Monday, then we are on our way to mastering our erratic minds.

Today I want to talk about a simple but effective way to remain mindful and present. It is a Ayurvedic practice, and it involves feeling your pulse at intervals during the day. The heart is so closely linked to our emotions, and while we experience the interpretation of emotions in our minds and thoughts, it is in our bodies that the physical response and sensation is felt. By doing this several times in the day, we are aware of checking in with our body. Our heart rate may be elevated – this will give you an indication that perhaps the walk from the car park to the office was hurried and your body is responding, perhaps your heart rate is beating rapidly in a meeting indicating your stress level, or perhaps your heart beat is calm and steady when you are content and lying on the couch at the end of the day. By noticing our bodies we become aware of dull pains, hunger, anxiety. We also become aware of the effect of certain foods on our bodies. A high carb meal may taste great, but for your body it may not be right and you will feel this through a racing heart 20 minutes after the meal.

To feel your pulse, you simply need to find the pulse point on your wrist. With your palm facing up, wrap the opposite hand around the back on the wrist so that the first three fingers are on the pulse point. Remember, you are not trying to change your pulse – the speed of the pulse will allow you to become aware of what your body is feeling. You are also not trying to count your pulse and this activity cannot be bypassed by looking at your heartrate count on your fitness device! It is a way of connecting and feeling your body, and worthwhile to start practicing in a genuine way.

Have a great week. Lots of light and love x

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