Hi everybody!

In a few of my blog posts I have been speaking about setting goals – the right way to set goals and the way to shift our mindset and intentions. Our goals should be intricately liked to our values and our vision for our life. Setting goals make us feel empowered, especially if they are aligned with our life purpose. However, for many people, their good intentions end after the goals are written down. Life gets busy and excuses are made to not follow through on our goals.

The next step after defining our goals is the hard part. It requires us to change which is why most of us don’t achieve the goals. In my blog post, Choose Intentions (https://wordpress.com/block-editor/post/crystalimmersion.wordpress.com/63) I speak about the aversion to becoming a changed person, either due to other’s perceptions of us or because of our own.

To achieve our goals we need to become accountable to someone. Whether we want to eat in a way that allows us to feel healthy and well, or whether we want to read for 20 minutes a day, or even if we want to start running every week, the best way to do this is to tell someone that this is our goal. Even better would be to also tell them the reason and intention as to why you are making this change.

By sharing your goals, you help the other person to see your perspective and your good intentions. If they begin to tell you why they don’t think you should pursue a goal that you know is healthy for you – rather stop talking to them about it. They are clearly not the right person who will support and keep you accountable (I’m not saying cut them out or end the relationship, I’m simply suggesting that this is not the type of relationship to depend on for goal-related advice). Sometimes people may feel threatened by our need to become better or change, and would rather encourage you to stay who you are – you need to see through these thought patterns and protect your dreams.

When we tell the right people our goals and intentions, we will be inspired by the way they eyes light up and their enthusiasm for our ideas. Knowing that another person is in your corner and believes as strongly as you do that this is the right path for you will further your persistence and provide encouragement during trying times. Persuing goals is not easy – it requires strength and willpower, and to keep trying alone is very hard. In the times where we feel that we are weak, it is great to be able to send a quick message to those that hold you accountable. They can provide encouragement and remind you about why you started this journey in the first place.

Telling others your goals may also provide you with someone to do it with you. Someone who may be wanting to do more running may just need that spark of inspiration from you and then join in! We also don’t know what experiences other’s have to offer – perhaps if someone has set similar goals they may have tips to make your journey a bit easier. Again, be cautious about what others say about your dreams, and use discretion when assimilating other’s thoughts into your own.

Good luck in finding those who will provide you with the light and love you need.

Take care xx

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