Hi everybody!

One of the most important aspects of halthy eating is to always be prepared. Deciding to change your habits and to set your intentions to eat well are essential first steps. However, if you do not plan and prepare you won’t be able to achieve your goals. If you haven’t prepared a lunch, you will end up with limited, unhealthy food choices at the petrol station shop. If you haven’t had a good lunch, you will get home and snack on every available snackable food in the pantry.

Changing your eating habits is tough. It’s a war zone, and therefore we have to bring every piece of armory we have available to the battlefield! The biggest problem is that we often do not have good, healthy food available at hand when we need it. Our good intentions will fail when we are hungry and tired. Prepare in advance so that grumpy, hangry you has no choice but to eat well. Here are some tips and tricks to make meal prep efficient and accessible:

  • Plan your meals for the week. Choose healthy options that are in season and right for your body. It really helps to choose meals with a similar base ingredient. For example, if you choose chicken, then one day you have chicken fillets for dinner and then leftover chicken on your salad the next day. Making large meals with a lot of leftovers for lunches is also good.
  • Use your meal plans to shop on the weekend. You’ll need to do some meal prep on Sunday, so have your food ready. Make sure you’ve bought everything you need for the week, because trying to shop during the week is often not possible. You may have a very bad day, going shopping is not going to happen and then good food is not available at hand.
  • Prepare your food on a Sunday. If you need some chicken for Monday lunch, cook up a whole batch. Throw some chicken into a salad for Monday lunch, and maybe toss it with rice and veg for Tuesday lunch. This gets a lot easier as you do it more often.
  • Make prep as efficient as possible! If you have planned a different meal for each lunchtime, you’re going to have a hard time prepping for all of this. This is why planning to have leftovers for lunch is really great, or to have the same easy lunch every day. If you are grilling some chicken in the over, throw the veggies in there too and cook them all at once. Place a steamer over a pot of boiling eggs and cook your veg at the same time as the eggs. If you’re making a salad, cut up extra veggies to snack on during the week.
  • Prepare healthy snack foods. Again, this totally depends on your body and how you eat, but if you do have a fiery digestion and need to eat every 3 hours, you’ll need some healthy snacks. Prepare some fruits, berries, nuts, eggs or whatever your snack is, to grab and go.
  • Drinking lemon juice, ginger and water first thing in the morning is good for digestion and kickstarting your metabolism. Grate some ginger and squeeze lemon into ice trays and freeze them. Every morning, pop a cube out and put it into hot water and drink. This will save you for prepping this every morning.
  • Smoothie ingredients can also be frozen. Berries, banana and other fruits can be put into small containers and frozen together. When making a smoothie, just grab a bag, blend it and there is breakfast!

These are my personal tips that I’ve learnt on my journey. I’ve been doing meal prep on a Sunday for a while now and it really works with my structured nature! I do understand that this doesn’t work for everyone, and can be super overwhelming if you aren’t a planning type of person. At the end of the day, just do the best that you can to make healthier choices. Be mindful of excuses that pop up in your head, and always stay strong in your willpower.

Take care!

Lots of light and love xx

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