Today we are going to talk about one of the most fundamental aspects of nutrition that is often pushed aside. With the diet culture that is everywhere these days, we need to remember one simple fact.

The foods we choose to eat are the foundational building blocks that our body will use to build itself.

We need to recreate the image of food in our minds. Let’s consider three important facts.

1. What we eat affects our mood.

First and foremost, food supplies energy and affects our blood sugar levels. Low blood sugar levels leave us feeling tired and unwell. We need to find the right foods to help us feel full of energy and well enough to work optimally for long periods of time. Fast-burning sugars that are found in processed foods and junk foods will likely lead to an energy crash.

Certain foods also lead to hormonal changes. For example, basil leads to an increase in dopamine and serotonin – our happy hormones! Apples and oatmeal increase leptin – the hormone that makes you feel full. This is why it is important to understand which hormones are being produced with the food you eat.

2. What we eat affects the make-up of our body

We need to consider that the food we are feeding our bodies is essentially what the body will build with. The body is creating new brain neuro-pathways and rebuilding blood vessels every second. The building materials are on your dinner plate. What we eat now will become what we are made up of. If you are eating a variety of healthy, natural foods, your body can then build healthy, natural body systems. Build your neurons on ice-cream, however, and you may not find that your memory is soaring when you hit old age!

3. What we eat affects how we live

It is drilled into us by the media and society that there are “good” foods and “bad” foods. “Bad” foods will make us put on weight and then we won’t look good.

This is a completely misguided way of looking at nutrition.

There are definitely healthier food choices that we can make, and we have to make them based on what our body needs. We need to listen to our bodies when we have cravings, because our body is telling us that it needs something. This doesn’t apply to artificial sugary treats. When you eat in a natural way for long enough, your body will no longer ask for processed sugars and foods. It will start asking for foods like apples and bananas when it wants sweetness.

From how we feel, to how we grow, to how we live – our food choices will end us defining who we are. This is not about how we look in a bikini. This is about health and wellness. This is the secret to optimising to reach your highest self.

Choose food that will lead to a true feeling of happiness. Choose foods that will build a strong body. Choose foods that allow you to be in control of the way you live.

Have  a great day. Lots of light and love x

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