Staying on track with our health goals is tough. We see people in magazines and on social media who always seem to be achieving and it is hard to keep motivated. There is a way to keep the end goal in mind and to win against our temptations.

I write a lot on this blog about discipline and maintaining a strong will. I personally try to live a life that is as close to what I preach as possible. I try hard to build healthy habits and to stay away from things that don’t align with the vision that I have for who I am and how I live.

It is NOT easy

I understand that staying disciplined is very tough! There are days where you have an insatiable hunger, there are days when you feel terribly down, there are days when it is cold and gloomy. On these days, your nutritional and exercise goals are challenged and it is difficult to keep your end goal in sight.

Short-term pleasure vs long-term pain

The pleasure referred to here is the quick boost that we get from having a sugary treat, the sleep in we choose over an early morning gym session and the dopamine release as we scroll through Facebook instead of studying. It is short- term, it doesn’t last long, and there are no long-term positive results. The long-term pain is the feeling of regret for not pushing harder to maintain our discipline. It’s the pain of not achieving what we wanted to. It is the pain of being anything less than the best version of yourself!

Short term pain vs long term pleasure

Pain, in this situation, would be the discipline of not satisfying your immediate needs and desires. It can be extremely hard to resist eating a sugary treat with co-workers in the office. It is hard to dig up the motivation to go for a swim at the gym when the weather outside is cold. Maintaining discipline in these situations can be almost impossible and giving in to temptation is easier. This is the pain – the mental anguish and internal conflict – we experience when we are trying to uphold our goals!

The pleasure referred to here is the joy of reaching our goals. It is the ability to finish a 10km race with our personal best time. It is the feeling of getting an amazing mark after studying hard. It is the reward for so much time spent maintaining discipline when it was so painful. It is this long-term, ultimate pleasure that we need to keep in mind when we want to give in to our temptations. A short, brief period of saying “no” to our cravings and maintaining our will power allows for a longer-lasting, more satisfying period of achievement.

Keep that end goal in mind. Temptations in the moment are brief and will pass – say “no” again and again because we are looking to win here.

So you get to choose:

Do you want your pleasure to be immediate and short-lived, with the long-term pain of not achieving your goals?


Do you want to work through the short-term discipline pain in order to achieve great results and feel the pleasure of looking at what you have become?

It’s either the pain of discipline for the pleasure of achievement; or the pleasure of a temptation for the pain of regret.

Have a great day. Lots of light and love xx

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