Hi Everyone!

Part of my morning routine is a 10 minute meditation session. I can pretty much only manage 10 minutes at this point in my journey because I really struggle to quieten my mind for any longer than that. Our minds can often be like a river, where our thoughts flow from one idea to the next and will not stop unless you actively practice to stop.

We are more than our minds

It is important for us to learn that we are not our minds. Our minds process what we see and hear, and our minds interpret how we are feeling. However, those are simple perceptions of the world and they are ultimately not the real thing. What we process as a bird’s song is our perception of it. The feeling of love is often our thoughts around it – it is important to stop our minds every now and then and feel the bodily sensation of love.

We live so much in our heads that our thoughts become our reality and we miss out on the real taste of coffee, the smell of a new morning, the feeling of gratitude when we receive something amazing. This is one reason why mindfulness is so powerful – we become aware of what is actually around us, instead of relying on our mind’s labels for those things.

Let’s change it

So today, start practicing living outside of your mind. We have come to believe that the mind is an ever-moving, unstoppable machine and this is simply just not true. We live in our bodies and the mind is one component of that. Learn to control the mind and make it quiet so that you can focus on feeling and living.

Our minds have been given a lot of control and the idea that this is normal and natural needs to change. Life is not the collection of linguistic labels that our brain throws out – “this blanket is warm”, “This apple is sweet” – No, life is the real, active and conscious feeling of these things.

You are not your mind, and YOU are in control.

Have a great day!

Lots of light and love x

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