Good nutrition affects more than just our waistline. It is super important to remember that what we feed our body is also used to build new cells and neurons. Nutrition also has a huge effect on our mood and state of mind.

Getting the right nutrients

In the world we are living in, we can pretty much get a supplement for every nutrient out there. While supplements are very beneficial, they should be just that – supplements. This means that they don’t replace the original supply of nutrients which should first and foremost be coming from healthy food. The best path is to eat a variety of good food, and then use supplements in pill or powder form where necessary.

The following nutrients are important for the brain and can be found naturally in food:
Omega 3 oils – fish, nuts and seeds are high in omega 3 oils.
B vitamins – a lack of these vitamins can lead to chronic stress and depression, so make sure you are getting in green leafy veggies like kale and broccoli, and also eggs and whole grains.
Vitamin D – exposure to some sunlight is great to get this vitmin naturally, and bread and milk can also be a suppply. A lack of sunlight is linked to depressed moods. Sunlight is healthy for many reasons from vitamin D to reinforcing the circadian rhythm. Try get some sunlight every day.
Selenium – this mineral can only be absorbed effectively from foods. It can be found in Brazil nuts, walnuts and poultry. It is essential for balancing antioxidants in our system.
Tryptophan – this is an amino acid which can be found in turkey, beef, eggs and leafy green veggies. It is a precursor for serotonin – a hormone which contributes to feeling happy and well.

Be mindful of food and your mood

It is important to notice what effect different foods have on your mood. If you are feeling very down – reflect on your diet in the last few days. Note what makes you feel happy and well.

Try to eat whole foods – these are foods that are not processed and you know exactly what the ingredients are. By doing this, you have more control of what goes into your body. You can also track what affects your body and how when you know what you are eating.

There are some commonly known foods that will definitely affect your mood such as alcohol, caffeine and sugar. Be mindful if indulging in these foods and know the effect they have on your mood personally.

Have a great day.
Lots of light and love xx

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