Have you ever noticed that on the days when you feel angry upset, you tend to attract negative people and situations into your day? The converse also seems to be true in that people who are positive and happy tend to get all the luck. We often bring the situations around us into our lives through our thoughts, feeling and mindset.

Manifestation and Mindfulness

The practice of manifestation is closely linked to mindfulness. When we are in a space of mindfulness, we take control of our thoughts and feelings and direct our attitude to be more gracious and grateful. Mindfulness tends to put us in a better stature of mind because we focus the positive instead of subconsciously ruminating over the negative.

Manifestation is similar in the sense that through this practice, we focus our attention consciously and specifically. In essence, we do this everyday without being aware of it. If we want a job, we think about it and visualize having the job. The problem is that when we are unaware, we also worry over the chance that we may not get the job. We then bring in that anxiety and “what if” which will change what we bring into our life.

How do we use manifestation?

With manifestation, we use our thoughts and feelings to change the energy around us and bring what we want into our lives. We visualize the job we want, and then become mindful of the people we entertain and the conversations we partake in. We work harder on the areas of our lives that we can change. We form and shape our life to become that which supports the exact thing that we want. Then we manifest our dream job, relationship, holiday – whatever!

This is not about being super spiritual. This is about being super mindful of how we think and what the actions we take in our lives as a consequence of our thoughts. Spirituality is great and does have its place, of course, but what is important is that you do not need to be spiritual to change your thinking and change your life.

You have the power

Now that we have an understanding of mindfulness and manifestation, there are steps we can put in place to make these practices effective. In this way we can change our situations to make our lives exactly what we want them to be. You are in control of your mind, your thoughts and ultimately, your life.

Have a great day.
Lots of light and love xx

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