Veganism involves a way of eating where no animals products are consumed. This means no meat, no dairy products and no fish. While plant-based diets have many benefits, we have to ensure we are getting all the nutrients our body needs.


There are a few nutrients we need to be careful of when it comes to a vegan diet. First and foremost we should always use food to get the nutrients we need. Supplements are great, but they should be just that – supplementary to the food we eat.

Protein – there are a few great powders made from peas and hemp seeds. Other types of seeds can also be great for protein such as tree nuts, sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds. Chia seeds are also great as they contain omega 3 fats.
Iron – this is a challenging nutrient as iron is harder to absorb when it comes from plants. We therefore need to add vitamin C to increase the absorption. Food like broccoli and bok choy is great because it contains both iron and vitamin C. Iron is essential for carrying oxygen to the blood.
Vitamin B12 – this can also be a challenging nutrient for vegans as it is found mainly in animal products. Nutritional yeast is a great solution as it is often fortified with B12. It is an alternative to Parmesan cheese and can be added to soups and salads.
Vitamin D – this can be absorbed from sunlight for vegans. Mushrooms are also a great option for this vitamin.

These nutrients are not only essential to vegan diets, but should be a big part of every diet. Make sure you are always eating a variety of different foods with a lot of sources of vitamins and minerals.

Have a great day.
Lots of light and love xx

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