Airplane food, jet lag, holiday mentality – there are so many stumbling blocks when it comes to staying healthy while traveling. Whether you travel for work or leisure, keeping on track with your wellness goals is possible when you’re away from home. It may take more prep and more discipline, but there won’t be the pain of regret on the trip home!

Staying healthy while traveling does not need to ruin your holiday. There are a few simple ways to adjust your choices in order to make staying well a little easier. Remember to stick to the 80/20 rule, where 80% of the time you’re choosing healthier, better options, and 20% of the time you allow yourself to relax a little bit.
• Pack walking shoes and try walk everywhere – when traveling around, try walking places instead of taking trains and taxis. Comfortable shoes will encourage you to walk more often.
• Track your steps – a fitness device or a step counter is a great encouragement to choose to walk more often.
• Try a local exercise class – this is a great way to further immerse yourself in the culture of the place you’re in. Meet some new people and work up a sweat!
• Drink plenty of water while this one is always important, it is crucial when traveling. Make sure to research if the water is safe to drink, otherwise
take along a water bottle to refill with filtered water. Dehydration worsens the symptoms of jet lag so make sure to keep sipping.
• Have a healthy breakfast – this is another one that is important all the time, and especially when you are traveling. Having a healthy breakfast will help to stabilize the blood sugar levels for the day. It will also ensure that you don’t have cravings and feel excessive hunger later in the day.
• Have greens at most meals – by adding some veggies into dinner, you provide your body with a great source of nutrients while also filling yourself up. Veggies also help to keep the blood sugar levels balanced. They will give you the right energy for your travels.
• Pack snacks – if you are traveling to places where the food is unfamiliar, it is often great to bring along snacks that your are familiar with. This helps to adjust mentally and physically.
• Less alcohol – this is important when trying to get through jet lag. It is also important to avoid alcohol if you’re planning to wake up and seize the morning with sightseeing activities.
• Try everything – when traveling to new places, it is great to try out the cuisines. This is the way to be properly immersed in the culture. Because overeating can be a problem, it is necessary to be careful with portion sizes. Eat enough food to adequately have enjoyed it and tasted it, and avoid being
overly full.
• Treat yourself – it is travel after all! Don’t miss out on experiences – just make wise decisions where you can.

Travel is a part of life, especially if it is a part of your work. It is important to find ways to adjust your travel to fit in with your wellness goals. Take note of where temptions are, what works and what doesn’t!

Have a great day.
Lots of light and love xx

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