It is easy to take a moment to be mindful when it’s 6am, there is no distraction and you can sit quietly for 10 minutes. It is a whole lot harder to live out mindfulness through the day, when there are phone calls, emails and uninterrupted noise. We need to find a way to go through our work days while experiencing them and ultimately enjoy our lives.

Mindfulness in Reality

There are a few ways we can pause throughout the day and enjoy small moments. They may be quick and seem to be meaningless, but we often end the day wondering where the time went. If we pause, we give ourselves a chance to reflect on how our body is feeling and be in the moment.

1. Count your breaths
Take a few deep, conscious breaths and count them as you breathe in and out. Hold the breath in for longer each time. Experience the feeling of the air in your nose, throat and lungs, and the feeling of calm.
2. Mindful drink
This can be anything that you are drinking. Sit and enjoy the feeling of the hot or cold liquid in your mouth. Really taste it and smell it. A great drink to kickstart the day is water, lemon and cayenne pepper. This will also really wake up your senses!
3. Do one thing at a time
Multitasking is a myth. We can either do one thing well, or many things badly! To truly concentrate, we cannot overload the mind. Choose one thing at a time, focus on it, and do it well. This is especially true when it comes to eating – make sure you are not distracted and doing other things.
4. Deep listening
Stop and listen to all the sounds around you in the present moment. What feelings or thoughts are evoked with these noises? Consciously take time to let these noises, feelings and thoughts go.
5. Mindful walk
Take a walk somewhere and notice how it makes you feel. The pressure on your feet, the things you see, the sounds you hear. This is great if you have the opportunity to take your shoes off and really connect with the earth.
6. Body scan

Start with the top of your head and consciously move your attention down your body. Ask how your head is feeling, how your shoulders are feeling, your stomach down to your feet. If there is tension or pain, don’t try and change it – just accept the feeling and let it go. This isn’t about judgement but about being aware of our bodies.


These are simple ways to reconnect our attention with the current moment. Time often runs away with us and we need small things to anchor ourselves and appreciate the day.

Lots of light and love x

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