Today I just sat and drank a cup of coffee.

You may say “wow, I wish I had that kind of time.”.

The hard truth is that YOU DO. We tend to fill up our day with a million tasks and our “to-do” list never ends. We have learnt that if you’re not perpetually in an occupied space, then you are not working hard enough. You believe that you are lazy. To be productive means to be the person in the room who just never stops.

The other hard truth is that in this way we are not working to our potential. We begin to write an email, and stop to make some coffee, while answering a text and become distracted by a co-worker who wants to arrange a meeting. The result is that the email is hardly as coherent as you envisioned, the coffee is far too weak, the text is never sent and wait, when is that meeting again?

We are not only costing ourselves mindfulness and end the day wondering where the time went. We are not only giving a quarter of our potential to every task we attend to. The simple truth is that we are filling our minds, exhausting our souls, and not really achieving anything on the level that we wish to. If we want to be the best we have to give our best. If we want to connect meaningfully with people, we cannot be writing a text and thinking of that email at the same time as we talk to them.

So it is time to stop. Stop believing the hype that to be successful means never having time to even eat. Stop multitasking –  why would you do two tasks with half your attention instead of one task with full attention. Do one thing, and do it well. Have coffee, and taste it. Have a conversation and really connect. Do everything – from small tasks to big – with INtention and ATtention.

It’s not about having the time to do important things, but to rather make the time. If a task is a priority, we will always find the time. So adjust your perspective and make “intentional, focused time to do tasks well” your priority.

Lots of light and love x

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