December is a really hard time of the year to maintain our fitness goals and keep our health in check. People around us are in the mood to celebrate and how it is possible to not get caught up in it? We spend all year keeping ourselves on track and working hard – how can we make this last throughout the festive season?

I want to start by saying that it is also super important to give yourself a break. Allowing yourself to relax with mean that you can continue to push hard in the new year as well. It is possible to let your hair down while not falling off track completely.

Six tips to make things a bit easier this holiday period

  1. Stay active

One of my biggest issues during the holiday period is that studios close for a break and our usual instructors are not available. This means that it is difficult to keep up the consistency of exercising – however, it is not impossible! This can be a nice time to gather friends and family and go for a run or walk. Try out new fitness classes, or find an online program for a couple of weeks. Play outside with the children. Staying active will keep your body in routine while you may be consuming more food and relaxing during time off work.

2. Have breakfast

This will help to stabilise your blood sugar and prevent overeating later in the day. If you attend a function or party ravenous, you are more likely to eat more than needed without realising.

3. Try to plan what you eat

This can be tricky if you are unsure of what will be on the menu at dinner time, but where possible, plan to eat a bit more healthily. If you know that there are two dinners this week that are quite indulgent, then perhaps plan lighter meals around those days.

4. Hydrate

Being out of a normal routine tends to also affect the amount of water we drink. It is really important to stay hydrated, especially if you will be drinking alcohol. Drinking water keeps the metabolism running smoothly which is critical during the holiday season. Try to drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up, and carry a bottle of water with you throughout the day.

5. Eat mindfully

It is easy to overeat when in a social environment, as you are not as aware of your hunger levels or exactly how much you are eating. Try to take time out to consider your food choices and take a 20 minute interval between helpings in order to gauge if you’ve had enough.

6. Make healthier alternatives when cooking

Christmas lunch can be a special time for families, and there are some traditions one can simply not break! We can, however, make small adjustments to meals to make them slightly healthier. Perhaps add in some roast veggies where possible, and explore making some fruit-based desserts.

Sensible in the silly season

To stay healthy, in a holistic sense, we need moderation. If you are hard and strict 100% of the time, you will not be able to maintain mental health and wellness. Allow yourself to have some fun over the holiday period, and be sensible about it. Pick up where you left off and get back into routine as soon as you can.

Lots of light and love xx

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