The new year is looming and with it comes the expectation of change and growth. It is the time of year where we reflect and make resolutions for the coming months, expecting huge transformations and a “THIS IS MY YEAR” mentality. We are all aware that these resolutions never last longer than a couple of weeks. How can we change our resolutions to make them more achievable?

The truth is this desire to be better and this motivation to improve is so positive! We need to hold onto this desire for a bit longer than a couple weeks into January.

In this article we will look at the biggest reason why new year resolutions do not work. We also look at a revolutionary way of setting goals to empower you. Are you inspired to transform, and to keep that inspiration year round?

Resolutions aren’t realistic

The problem with “New Year, New You” is simply the fact that it is just too daunting to change 10 things about yourself overnight. Going cold turkey on sugar is hard enough, without adding daily exercise and trying to cut your spending in half. We set the bar way too high, and once one goal starts slipping we tend to throw in the towel on all of them.

There is a better way.

Gretchen Ruben writes a wonderful book called the “Happiness Project”. Gretchen takes up an inspiring journey to change her year month by month. She sets goals for herself (about 4 or 5) every month according to a certain theme. For example, if her first month’s goal is self-improvement, she may have set the goal improve her sleep and de-clutter her home.

I have personally been really inspired by 30-day challenges, which prove to be more sustainable. The idea is to set a goal for each month, and work on it every day. Here are some of my favourite 30 day challenge ideas:

  1. Wake up earlier

There is no feeling as empowering as waking up in the early hours of the morning and crushing a couple of goals. There is such a sneaky win in greeting sleepy family members or coffee-deprived co-workers knowing that you’ve been awake for two hours already. You’ve meditated, done some yoga poses, read a chapter of an inspiring book and sorted your finances, all before 7am. The early hours are your most precious and undisturbed – don’t sleep them away!

How to optimise your morning

How to optmise your sleep

2. Read more

This can be a challenging resolution when you feel like you have to finish 52 books in the year. However, if set as a 30-day challenge, you may choose to read 10 pages of a self-improvement book a day.

3. Drink more water

In a previous blog post I have spoken about the crucial benefits of drinking more water. Get your 30-day calendar and start giving yourself a gold star every time you reach you water goals!

Tricks for water intake

4. Journal

I must admit, this is a really tough task for me (strange as I am a writer!). The vulnerability of putting my thoughts onto a physical surface is terrifying, and the idea of re-reading them is cringe-worthy. It is definitely an art and needs a lot of practice. You can either journal about your day, or create a gratitude journal. Amazing transformation comes in practicing gratitude daily. Make this a 30-day focus and see the difference in your mentality.

5. Cook more

I’ve seen people resolve to cook new recipes every day, and I’m really unsure that there is time (and money) for that realistically. I think adding in a new recipe now and then is great, and then maybe add in trying some new foods? In this area, I’d recommend trying to meal prep, and then following it through for 30 days.

Here are my best tips for meal prep.

6. Eat less sugar

This is also a really tough one. Once again, I personally think cold turkey on this is just too hard. It took me a year to get over my sugar cravings and I am now officially at a point where a treat can be in front of me, and I actually don’t feel like eating it! I do substitute with sweeteners in my coffee and honey in my oats. Need some more tips on cutting down on sugar?

Tips around eating less sugar

7. Meditation or yoga

Try setting meditation or yoga as a one month goal. Start off small – such as 10 minutes a day and build up. If you aren’t convinced, here is why creating a space for mindfulness is super important:

Take 6 breaths

The importance of pausing

8. Get creative

It is always great to extend yourself and add something like a photo-a-day or a small daily sketch into your challenges. This will increase your creativity and Happiness!

Are you inspired yet?

If not, here are some more ideas:

In the mean time, get out a 2020 calendar and plan a challenge for each month. Set out how you will track your goal (perhaps tick each day where you met your water goals, or write out how many minutes your meditation lasted daily). I will be creating my calendars, and will share my new goals monthly! You’re welcome to come on board with mine if you would like.

Have a great day!

Lots of light and love xx

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