Choosing the freshest and healthiest ingredients for our food is a great start to wellness. Prepping them through optimal cooking methods is another precious step! We often, however, miss one crucial element in meal time that could have a huge impact on your body’s health.

The mindset we hold while we eat has an impact over the effect the food will have on our bodies. If you are eating in a rushed state, your body will become stressed and release cortisol. The body will not properly digest the food, nor effectively store nutrients.

If we are carefully selecting and preparing our meals in order to optimise our health, then why sabotage this during meal time?

A game-changing approach to mealtimes

We need to start thinking about all of our meals as a celebration. Personally, I love food and I love to eat, so this is not a hard concept for me! I cannot say that my enthusiasm doesn’t often get the better of me, and I have the habit of eating far too quickly.

It is understandable that not all people have this enthusiasm for mealtimes. This may be a harder task to grasp for some. However, there are possible tips and tricks to gain from this method that may make mealtimes a happier occasion for any individual or family.

The reason we embrace this mindset is because with celebration comes a feeling of joy and gratitude. We are thankful for the food we have, and if in a family, thankful for those we love. We treat the food as if it is sacred. We prepare it with love and respect. We set the table and enjoy conversation, or quiet stillness.

This is the highest form of self-care and self-love. Allow time to eat slowly and mindfully. Enjoy the food, and the body will treat it with that same love and honour, allowing your body to thrive and optimise.

Tips to create mealtime celebrations

  • Buy the best ingredients that you can

If there is room to spend a bit more money on good quality ingredients, then I urge you to make the switch. Would you rather pay more now for nutrition, or pay later for medicine for disease?

  • Cook with grace

Enjoy the cooking process! Smell the lovely aromas and perhaps have a glass of wine. Use healthy processes such as steaming and broiling, over deep-frying in oils.

  • Lay the table beautifully

Instead of sitting on the couch, rather set the table with candles and fresh flowers. Invest in a nice set of plates and savour your alone time, or family time.

  • Make a commitment to a meal time

Prioritise time for meals and stick to those times. In this way, you are not stressed about impending tasks and your body can be in a relaxed state. We cannot properly digest food if in flight or fight mode!

  • Never eat standing up or in front of a screen

By sitting down and eating, we become aware of our body’s needs. Be mindful of when your body is full to ensure you do not overeat. By adopting this method, you will see your body transform and shed excess weight.

  • Be grateful

At the end of a meal, truly feel gratitude for the blessing of the meal. Perhaps take time to think through the day and of other things you feel grateful for. This will have a huge impact on your mindset.

Ending off

Adopting this approach fully is such an important step to true wellness. Having a meal should not just be out of necessity, but it is an opportunity to embrace one of life’s special gifts. Take the time to make this a priority, even if it is once a day or once a week.

Have a lovely day.

Lots of light and love xx

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