The Truth about Choice

Today we are going to talk about one of the most fundamental aspects of nutrition that is often pushed aside. With the diet culture that is everywhere these days, we need to remember one simple fact. The foods we choose to eat are the foundational building blocks that our body will use to build itself. […]

How to Build and Break Habits

Today I want to talk about habits. There are the building blocks that essentially make up the foundation of what and who we are. The amount of exercise we do, what we eat, the way we think – these are all dependent on our habits. To optimise our health, we need to replace our negative […]

All it Takes is 6 Breaths…

Hi everybody! Happy Mindfulness Monday where we practice being present even on the most chaotic day of the week. I did a bit of research into breathing this past weekend. I have  always known that for maximum relaxation and productivity we should take 6 full deep breaths in the space of a minute. I have […]

How to Set Approach Goals

Last week we spoke about Outcome goals and Behaviour goals. When we set goals, we need to focus on the behaviour that we can change. You can read my article on this here: The next step in goal setting is to change “Avoid” goals into “Approach” goals. There is a tendency to set goals […]

Meal Prep Tips from an Enthusiastic Novice

Hi everybody! One of the most important aspects of halthy eating is to always be prepared. Deciding to change your habits and to set your intentions to eat well are essential first steps. However, if you do not plan and prepare you won’t be able to achieve your goals. If you haven’t prepared a lunch, […]

The most important ability to develop

“Train your will to be stronger than the opportunity” Hi everybody! Today I want to talk about the above quote which is one of my all-time favourites. It is even stuck to my bathroom mirror. I heard this quote during a podcast and I am ashamed that I’m not actually sure who said it. In […]

The path to achieving your goals

Hi everybody! In a few of my blog posts I have been speaking about setting goals – the right way to set goals and the way to shift our mindset and intentions. Our goals should be intricately liked to our values and our vision for our life. Setting goals make us feel empowered, especially if […]