How to Optimise your Morning

Hi everybody! One of my favourite writers and productivity coaches is Craig Ballantyne, owner of and writer for the Early to Rise website ( He speaks a lot about creating a morning routine to maximise productivity and to set your intentions for the day. Craig write about how your morning is your magic time, and […]

Set for Success Sunday

Hi everyone! Yesterday I attended a Qigong training course and was delighted to learn this form of mindfulness training. I loved the aspect of standing meditation, as well as the slow, steady, strengthening movements. Qigong is also incredibly spiritual, similar to yoga, and many of the movements involve acknowledging nature and the larger, all-encompassing Being […]

Thrive Thursday

Hello everyone! Let’s talk about movement. Note that I specifically didn’t say exercise – getting yourself active doesn’t necessarily require a “workout”. The minimum recommendation is 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week, which is about 20 minutes a day of getting your heart beating a little faster than its normal resting rate. For some, […]